Monday, January 7, 2013

30 by 30: #21 Tailgate at a Football Game

December 16, 2012
Sun Life Stadium, Miami
Miami Dolphins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Dolphins won! (24-3)

I went to the game with my dad, stepmom, and one of my brothers, Matt.  We tailgated before the game.  I had a veggie burger and one beer.  I have a hard time drinking before noon! ;)

Dolphins/ Jaguars Game

Our tailgating wasn't overly excited. I sat and worked on my handstitched hexi quilt. I'm not really a football kinda gal. We had pretty decent seats for free tickets! No zoom on this shot.
Dolphins/ Jaguars Game

The mascot was a little odd. The cheerleaders wore "72" jerseys in honor of the 1972 perfect season team. The players and cheerleaders from 1972 came out during halftime to be recognized for their achievement. It was pretty cool. Dolphins/ Jaguars Game

I wish I could tell you who caught the ball for this touchdown. I don't remember. I was too busy playing with my new camera. Remember, I'm not that into football... Dolphins/ Jaguars Game

Proof that the Dolphins won! Dolphins/ Jaguars Game

Proof that I was there. :) Dolphins/ Jaguars Game

So there it is: the first check on my 30 by 30 list!


  1. Lol I don't know if it counts as tailgating if you don't play beer pong or cornhole. Maybe we should tailgate a sport you actual like. Are there those?

    1. We had cornhole boards (is that what you call them?) in the truck and just never played. And I had to dodge a stray football now and again from the people next to us. ;) I thought I was going to have a truer tailgate experience. But it was a little odd with just my family. There was supposed to be 8-10 people with us and then people fell through.
      I'm not really into any sport, but I'd be down to tailgate at a concert! :D