Tuesday, April 19, 2011

start moving

Last month, I went to Rachel and Brian's wedding and saw a bunch of my girlfriends from college. They all looked hot. Seriously. Hot. I felt gross. I'm a good 15-20 pounds heavier than I was in college. I decided I had to do something about this.
So I started running. Well, if you can call it that...it's more like walk, jog, walk, walk some more, jog....you get the drift. Anyway, I'm doing the Couch to 5k plan, so each week it gets progressively harder. I'm supposed to be able to run a 5k in two months. I just started week four and I have my doubts. I can't even run for five minutes straight, yet.
But I'm not going to give up, because I'm rewarding myself as I go along. It's like I'm bribing myself...but hey it's working! I'm down three pounds so far!
My week two reward was a pedicure. :)
Week three's reward was a spiffy new bike. I rode it for the first time today and loved it! My plan is to ride 1-2 times a week and run another three days.
My new ride!!!!

Soo....now to figure out what to reward myself with next....