Saturday, February 9, 2013

30 by 30: January Progress Update

As mentioned in this post, I have a few things in progress so far. Specifically, 7, 11, 12, 26, 29 and 30.  I have some updates to that and a few more to add to that list.

My fun money 'stache (#29) had $20 in it at the end of January.  It was hard to put a ten dollar bill in there, but I did it.  I have another dollar to add today.  At the rate this is going, I will definitely have fun at my 30th birthday.  I have already started daydreaming about what I can use the money on. :)

Numbers 1 (Complete a 5k) and 9 (Do the Color Run) will be complete on March 16.  I've registered for the Color Vibe 5k.  It was originally scheduled for today, but was rescheduled to accommodate more people.  I'm pretty excited for it!

I'm putting the final touches on a couple of printables that I'm using in my classroom.  I'm hoping to have them posted for free to Teachers Pay Teachers in the next few days.  This will take care of numbers 16 (Create my own printables) and 25 (List something on Teachers Pay Teachers or Etsy.)

Tickets have been bought and a hotel has been booked.  I'm going to the Tortuga Music Festival on April 13-14!  That'll take care of #27 Attend a music festival!

30 by 30: #23 Do a 30 Day "Mile A Day" Challenge

Walking 30 Miles in 30 Days seemed like it was going to be quite a challenge at first. By day 7, I was ill and could hardly function.  I laid in bed miserable with a 102.4* fever.  But the fever broke and I was determined to start again.  So on what should have been day 8, I started over on day 1.  There were days that I barely walked a mile and there were days when I walked 2-3 miles.  There were days when I went alone.  There were days that I had company...thanks, Sam for pushing me to walk longer!  There were days when the last thing I wanted to do was walk, but I did it.  All 30 days straight.  And you know what...I didn't just walk 30 miles, I walked 49.45 miles!  I would have pushed myself for that extra half mile had I realized I was so close to 50 miles!

Mile A Day

I grew to enjoy my daily walks.  I've signed up for a 5k in March.  (It actually was supposed to be today, but was rescheduled.) And I've lost five pounds!  That in itself is motivation enough to keep going and going and going.  Oh yeah, I also gave myself another goal- walk/run 365 miles in 2013. I've walked a total of 57.7 miles so far or 15% of that goal.