Saturday, July 14, 2012

good news

So continuing where I left off yesterday, it's been a rough year and not just financially.  BUT things are starting to look up.  On June 15, I accepted a teaching position for a third grade class at the school I already work at.  I start on July 25 for pre-planning and the first day of school is August 8.  This is a HUGE financial blessing which may seem crazy given the bad rap teaching salaries get, but it'll be more than double what I currently make.  Isn't that awful?  Teaching assistants make less than half of what teachers make in my county. :(

Anyway, I am beyond thrilled to have a class of my own and have been going Pinterest crazy with planning.  Now that there is only a week and a half until I start, I need to get into real planning mode.  I am hoping I can get into my classroom this week or at least pop into school to laminate some things.  I have a ton of lamination to do and then it all needs to be cut out.

I think right now I am equally excited and scared out of my mind.  I'm trying not to stress out, but I'm sure it'll get worse before it gets better. ;)

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  1. Hi Kara, I wandered over here from Craftster (I'm Leslieshappyheart there)...I just bought a Blythe on eBay, and I've been reading through the Blythe swaps, that's where I saw you! Anyway, I just want to say congratulations on your new job! It sounds perfect, I hope you love it! I know what you mean about forgetting to turn to Jesus first...

    I'm excited to do some crafting for my Blythe when she arrives. Would you ever consider doing a personal swap for Blythe stuff? You might be too busy now, but sometime in the future?