Tuesday, February 15, 2011

rooted in hope

Here it is- my new tattoo!

rooted in hope

I decided to get it on my foot. Chris at Peter Tattoo in Fort Myers was my tattoo artist. He looked at my sketch and did his own take. He drew it out in a ball point pen first and kept tweaking it until I was completely satisfied. I'm really glad I allowed Chris to convince me to color the leaves green.

rooted in hope

Now for a little background on why I choose what I did and why... I decided back in November that I wanted a seedling on my foot to represent new growth and starting fresh. I wanted it on my foot to start from the ground up. There are three leaves to represent the Trinity. The roots symbolize continuous growth and the fact that what you see on the surface is just the beginning. And since "hope" is my new mantra, I had to work that in!

hidden heart

Last night, I discovered there is a hidden heart in the roots which I think makes it that much cooler! Anyway, I am very pleased with it!

1 comment:

  1. I really like it!
    pretty and meaningful!

    I only have tattoos on my arm so I can only imagine how much that hurt on the top of your foot!