Thursday, June 9, 2011


It's been five weeks since my last post and it was kind of a cliff hanger, I suppose. Sorry 'bout that!

I did meet with the assistant principal and principal that first week of May. It was rather informal. Not an interview, just a conversation about positions that would become available for the fall. A few weeks later, I was able to officially submit my application and on the last day of May, I had an interview with the assistant principal.

Overall, I felt that the interview went well. I was confident in my answers, even though my voice shook a few times. Why, oh why, must I get so nervous? Seriously, give me a bunch of five year olds to talk to and I'm fine. One adult, and my voice quivers and I get anxious.
Maybe it was due to the fact that he told me there were 160 applicants. 160! For seven positions. :( The odds are not in my favor, considering I did not get a degree in elementary education and have had no formal internships/training. But I've been there almost every week since September. I've lead small groups, chaperoned a field trip, observed and volunteered in four classes in three different grade levels. I want to teach more than anything that I've wanted in a long time. This surprised me. I feel a strong passion for these children and that school in particular. It's the school I went to and many of the students are children of my classmates growing up. My fifth grade teacher still teaches there (my kindergarten and first grade teachers both retired in the last three years). That says a lot about the school. I want to be a part of that.

The assistant principal told me he was rooting for me and that if I tell the principal everything I told him, that he will feel the same way. I was told that I would get that chance next week or the following week in a second interview.

So, now I wait and pray and hope my dreams come true.


  1. wow! Praying! Some good books to read: "The Daily 5", anything on Writing Workshop, and check out stuff about The Responsive Classroom... those are my current interests. :)

  2. I will be praying for you!