Thursday, March 10, 2011

WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE - Flagler College Edition

As a Flagler College Alum and Liberal Studies Major (History was my focus) this video makes me extremely happy! Thank you, Annie for sharing it on facebook!

Back in my history studying days, I wanted to become an adjunct professor just to teach a class based on this incredible Billy Joel song. I would have wanted my students to write another verse as their final project. Hmmmm...maybe someday I will do this...

At least three of my professors and academic advisor are featured in the video...even my favorite, Dr. Graham (who retired a few years back)!

I failed an exam once in Dr. Graham's Great Depression Class. I was typically an A student and he knew it. It was my senior year, I was working full time, class full time and partying a lot. Therefore, studying was thrown out the window. Dr. Graham wrote a note on that exam that will forever stick with me. It said, "You can do better than this." It made me cry (and skip my next class to go have a drink)...yeah, my priorities were (and are) a little whacked. Anyway, five years later, I still think about that class and Dr. Graham and how I can always do better.


  1. Tommy Graham is the man. The. Man.

  2. He is! I bought one of his books back in the day and was too embarassed to have him sign it. Now I wish I had. He really had an impact on me.